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About us

Lumigntech is a maker of compound semiconductor substrate and template based on Gallium Nitride composition grown by HVPE for Ultra High Brightness (UHB) or High brightness (HB) LED and Power electronics applications. Our basic technology competitiveness are the simple process(450um thick GaN epi-layer grown on sapphire without cracking introducing of the interface control process technology) without the adoption of MOCVD GaN template and photolithography process,  and high throughput HVPE process comparing with our competitors (Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Kyma, TDI and Lumilog). 


Also our own design capability and experiments, which have been developed from 1 x 2-inch wafer/batch to 7 x 2-inch wafer/betch and 3 x 4-inch wafer / batch during 4 years, are one of the important competitive advantages, By our own design, high Ga metal utilization efficiency has been achieved around 15%. Our focus of develpoing products are the low cost for manufacturing of free standing GaN substrate and template by the simple process, high yields of products, increasing the efficiency of Growth (Growth/supplying of source) and Growth rate. Today, GaN substrates have three targeted applications: laser diode, LED and power electonics according the report of yole development(2013 edition) The key of market analysis for bulk & free-standing GaN is the price of GaN substrates. In near future, the cost competiviveness is more importance for the adopting of GaN substracte in new markets.